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Written by : Entertainment Team
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So friends, we have forayed into the New Year. Before everything, Happy New Year, guys! How was the last day of the previous year? Enjoyed to the core or gone cosy on the couch? Well, most of you might have turned tired with the new year eve's celebrations with many folks returning from their vacation. So, to keep your energy on track, our team has bring to you this collection of music on the go. Hey, it's the list of songs from our favourite films that were shot during a train journey. Yes, our lead actors have taken the journey light and painted a different picture that excites us at the same time make us emotional reminiscing few memories.

While making a journey a stress-free task is what we plan before scheduling the actual tour, it is the same journey that sometimes can last long in our memories. Especially, when we take a train. Singing, grooving and swaying all your way on a train journey or around the train is what that is possible with only a few. And our actors have done it on scree. Be it romantic, fun or melody or an emotional one, we liked the way they poured their excitement. Though we can't exactly mimic them, at least let us try turning the journey a joyful ride without any vexations.

Here we go...

'Chaiyya chaiyya...' from Dil Se

Watching SRK and Malaika sway their way enroute to the destination makes us want to at least groove with our buddies the next time we take a train.

'Aa ante Amalapuram...' from Aarya

This was the song that was heard for at least several months. Thanks to the energy given out by DSP.

'Naayudori Pilla...' from Naaga

A fun, teasing yet full-of-energry track. And those movements by Tarak are an asset to the song.

'O Manasa..' from Oka Chinna Maata

A lovely melody with lots of love and fun.

'Railu Bandi...' from Gangotri

Though the lead pairs don't travel in the song, it is not just a fun track around or during a train voyage, but it actually portrays train as a hero, in reality.

'Dhadak dhadak...' from Bunty Aur Bubly

'How to have fun enroute to your destined city?' Have this song and you'll know it.

'Ammayi Kitikipakkana...' from Maryada Ramanna

A train journey can sometimes even fetch our love of life, if destiny has it!

'Hey Aakasam...' from Bhadra

You can't even resist yourself from playing this track on loop. Such was the energy thrown out in the song.
'Patala Pallakivai...' from Nuvvu Vathavani

Of course, it is an emotional track bit. But the true feelings of one can sometimes be showcased to fellow humans.

So, how have you engaged this New Year's Day? Write back to us your favourite tracks related to journey.

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