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Written by : Entertainment Team
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The first festival of the year - Sankranti - is here and we know, many of you guys must have already been to your hometowns, to enjoy the festive mood. Besides devouring on those native sweets, relishing around the vacation, one must also be on a pleasant mood to double the energy and pack it up for the post-vacation days, agree?

Well, by doubling up the energy we mean to stress that you just need not get drenched in the outings with friends or just sit back and devour the festive specials. Besides these, you need to treat your ears and mind with some soulful tracks that depict what Sankranti actually is and how the festive mood in the towns and villages be like. Because not many of us know what people do and how they enjoy with family and spend the 3 festive days indeed.

So alright guys, from our Entertainment team side, we have brought to you some special Sankrati songs to tap your foot to and engage your soul in. These songs are sung and shot around the festive days. Enjoy them. Before that Happy Sankranti and Happy Vacation!

Note: Few songs also display some regional practices around some places besides the festive mood.

1. 'Sankranthi Vachinde Thummeda...' from Soggadi Pellam

How can we forget this all-time hit number of Sankrati special?

2. 'Gobbiyallo Gobbiyallo...' from Talli Tandrulu

Because Old is Gold, Right?

3. 'Hailo Hailessare...' from Shatamanam Bhavati

4. 'Lera Chanti...' from Rama Rama Krishna Krishna

5. 'Doli Doli...' from Sankranthi

6. 'Mudda Banthulu...' from Pandaga

7. 'Edu Mallellethu...' from Sindhooram

8. 'Eladri Yenkanna...' from Varasudochadu

And finally, Our Mangli's renditions

9. 'Sankranti Special song 2018'

10. 'Sankranti Special song 2019'

Of course, it is everyone's festival irrespective of the region...

Which one do you like the most? Drop your views in the comments box. Happy Sankranti guys!

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