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Written by : Entertainment Team

Comedian Sapthagiri's “Sapthagiri Express” has hit the screens today amidst great competition from other releases. Let's see, how this film has worked in front of the audiences.

In simple lines, the plot revolves around a father, who is a sincere police constable and a son portrayed by Sapthagiri, who loves to be an actor. But, the twist in the plot comes, when Sapthagiri's father faces death in an encounter and gets his father's job. To know more about the movie, you have to watch the film on the big screen.

On the acting front, reports suggest that Sapthagiri has done a fabulous job in front of camera. Be it his comic timing, dancing skills or his dialogue delivery, in all possible aspects he has nailed it. It looks like Siva Prasad, who has donned the hero's father role also delivered his best.

Sapthagiri in 'Sapthagiri Express'

In the audience point of view, apart from the father-son duo, comedian 'Shakalaka' Shankar's comedy also remains one of the best elements in this comedy drama. On the other side, heroine Roshini Prakash finds nothing much on her acting front.

It's a known fact that, “Sapthagiri Express” is the remake of Tamil hit movie “Thirudan Police”. Director Arun Pawar has succeeded in dealing with the comedy track very well. But, what makes the movie somewhat unbearable is, the deviation of core father-son emotional track due to the comedy!

Of course, Sapthagiri is known for his sense of comedy. But, the on-screen narration looks as if the movie has been made only for Sapthagiri, due to its sidetrack from the necessary elements.

Overall, the film remains a decent entertainer with its comedy and Sapthagiri's superb acting, though it has loopholes in its story narration.

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