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Written by : Entertainment Team

Directed by Ram Gopal Varma, the much hyped “Vangaveeti” has finally uncovered in theatres today. As said by the maverick filmmaker, let's see whether the movie will be his career best or not.

It's a known fact that this flick is based on the real incidents happened in Vijayawada, which greatly deal with the growth of faction nature and bloodbath in the area through focusing on two family groups, namely Vangaveeti and Devineni.

According to reports, story wise, this action thriller mainly focuses on the conflicts between two rivalries in detail. Reports also suggest that RGV has shown his mark in showcasing the conflict murders very intriguingly. The detailing elements by Varma with regards to bringing the real incidents onto the screen will mesmerise the audience big time.

Though “Vangaveeti” attracts with RGV's direction, the serial killings have made this movie look violent and in some aspects, this might become a barrier for a section of audience.

When it comes to casting, the lead character portrayed by Sandeep has done a tremendous job, though he is a new bee on his acting front. The intensity, he has shown in front of the camera will thrill the audience.

One surprise to the watchers is, “Happy Days” fame Vamsee Chaganti. Those who have seen him as a college student in Sekhar Kammula's “Happy Days”, will be stunned by his new avatar as Devineni Murali in “Vangaveeti”. According to reports, he has given a matured performance in his crucial portrayal in the movie.

On the technical front, Ravi Shankar's BGM remains one of the greatest elements in the movie. The trademark aerial shots and camera angles, like in all RGV films, attract the audience gaze decently. Overall, “Vangaveeti” is a core Ram Gopal Varma style movie and might remain a big disappoint for some due to the heavy flow of violence.

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