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Written by : Entertainment Team

It's time to get excited for “Chinnari”. The makers of this film have released the official promotional trailer earlier this week and it's damn scary.

The 1 minute 17 seconds video certainly does send some chills down the spine and this has generated enough interest among the viewers. The clip gives us a view of the story which revolves around a kid who speaks to the soul living in the house. At the end a ghost is introduced and her face looks terrifying.

Starring Baby Yulina Pardhavi, Aishwarya and Madhusudan in lead roles, the horror-thriller is written and directed by Lohith. The film is intended to scare the bejesus out of the audience.

So, if you are a horror buff, “Chinnari” will chill your spine. With spooky background music, scary sound effects and fast-moving shadows, the trailer tries its best to be spooky and ends up being seriously daunting.

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