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Written by : Info Box Team
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Election fever has intensely gripped not only Telangana but also its surrounding states like Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka only to see who rises victorious? And how could the verdict be? Will it pave way for new leaders? Will it see a new government? Do the 'Karnataka formula' workout even in Telangana? What not, there are many more haunting the politics familiar brains of all ages!

The levels of curiosity reached its saturation point after former AP Congress leader Lagadapati Rajagopal expressed his high stakes on independent candidates who are contesting in the Telangana polls, as Lagadapati is a well-known face for his political surveys, it has now become a point of discussion from household talks to political circles. The speculations reached its peak as to whom they would support if they emerge victorious?

EeYuva makes it a point to give a brief report of candidates (new faces) both independent and party representatives whose chances of winning are high in this polls.

Kumbham Shivakumar Reddy- Narayanpet (Mahabubnagar District)

Kumbham Shivakumar Reddy

K Shivakumar Reddy lost 2014 elections with a very close margin of 2,270 votes to the then TDP leader S Rajender Reddy who joined TRS later and is now contesting this election as a TRS candidate. Shivakumar Reddy joined Congress but couldn't get the ticket and is now contesting as a BLF (Bahujan Left Front) candidate. His identity as a true TRS leader and anti-incumbency on the sitting MLA would emerge Shivakumar Reddy as the winner. Lagadapati's first pick is Shivakumar Reddy, let's see if it becomes a reality on Dec11.

Jadhav Anil Kumar- Boath (Adilabad District)

Jadhav Anil Kumar

The Congress rebel who was denied ticket only on his financial setback after losing the 2014 elections to the TRS Rathod Bapu Rao. Jadhav Anil Kumar who has a good following among students and youth may make him a winner. Here the anti-incumbency factor and the Congress choosing effluent Soyam Bapu Rao didn't digest well for the voters in this constituency. Jadhav is the second candidate announced by Lagadapati as the to-be winner yesterday!

Gajjala Nagesh- Cantonment (Secunderabad)

Gajjela Nagesh

Gajjala Nagesh who strived hard as a TRS party worker and lost in 2014 polls was denied ticket only to help Sayanna, who won as a TDP member is now contesting as a TRS candidate. Speculations are rife that Nagesh would divide the anti-incumbency vote share and emerge victorious.

Vaddiraju Ravichandra- Warangal East (Warangal)

Vaddiraju Ravichandra

The surprise pick of Congress in this polls is Vaddiraju Ravichandra, a granite businessman and a close aide of Congress stalwarts Konda Surekha and Murali. The enormous support from the former MLA Surekha who has worked here form 2014 is a huge bonus and anti-incumbency effect on TRS Mayor Nannapaneni Narender and groups in TRS would make Ravichandra a surprise winner this polls speculate political circles.

Dr. Pagidipati Devaiah- Wardhannapet (Warangal)

Dr. Pagidipati Devaiah

By far Dr. Pagidipati Devaiah who shot to fame after contesting in the Warangal Lok Sabha bypolls with a BJP ticket has now secured a TJS (Telangana Jana Samithi) ticket. Here the anti-incumbency wave is high on the 2014 won MLA Aroori Ramesh of TRS. The students and youth who want a definite change may vote to Devaiah in the name of Prof. Kodandaram. If the unity among Congress and TJS works, Devaiah may be a winner. The winning chances are high as he is giving a tough fight to TRS candidate with his affluent status.

Singapuram Indira- Station Ghanpur (Warangal)

Singapuram Indira

The luckiest lady to win a Congress ticket this polls is Singapuram Indira, a relative to the sitting MLA Rajaiah. The affluent background, Congress party following, woman quota and the anti-incumbency wave is too high here. Another important factor is, TRS group politics among Kadiyam Srihari and Rajaiah make it more easy for Indira to step into the assembly. The sentiment of who wins Station Ghanpur will be in power is tempting the People's Front to put more efforts in bringing a new face to the constituency. Let us wait and see whether the speculation turns true a week later!

Bottom Line

People in almost all constituencies in Telangana are tired of seeing the same old faces and more over the development rate is also pondered by the so called leaders making it a necessary step from the public to choose a new leader. The anti-incumbency wave is big for TRS party candidates who have desperately failed as candidates, they are not even in a position to bank on the welfare schemes of the government thus making it a tough call for the public to be wise and elect good individuals. The most observed change among the public is the true value they are giving to individual candidates and not parties!

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