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Written by : Info Box Team
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The awareness among voters has predominantly increased from the recent (2014) polls to now. The common man is in no way feeling assured to believe the false promises made by different political parties contesting in the polls of Telangana. These political institutions call it 'manifesto' but later they manipulate and end up delivering public what they don't really expect from a government!

EeYuva presents you a ground report on what public really want..Read on to know.

Reforms In Education..NOT FREE EDUCATION

See the case of Delhi government, the tremendous revamp in the educational sector is worth praising and it is indeed a role model to even implement in all the states. In India, the ground reality is a need for a change in the education system because almost it's been three decades that the academics have not been changed and the learning trends are still the same within two generations of schooling. Even a poor parent strives hard for his children to get educated and what all he wishes is only a change in the infrastructure of the government schools and colleges. Even the intellectuals advise the governments that offer free education to better concentrate on building the right infrastructure from the root level instead of splurging crores of money on private individuals.

Employment Opportunities..NOT UNEMPLOYMENT ALLOWANCE

This is really a shame on the governments that think about catering the unemployed youth with a peanut pay allowance which would make them lethargic in achieving their set target. The timely release of a job calendar and notifications in various departments from time to time would benefit the graduate youth who dream of securing a government job. Governments should be faithful for its public and curb the corruption and recruitment frauds in the employment sector.

Free Houses...Need Transparency!

It is everyone's wish to have a house of their own, the housing schemes by governments are worth appreciating but how far the built houses are reaching to a poor and deserved individual? When governments are so particular with Aadhaar linking for ration supplies why not they implement for this big scale projects so that ultimately the poor get benefitted and saved from the middlemen!

Good Price For Crops.. NOT MEAN INVESTMENT

Governments should think twice on how better they can compensate a farmer with a good market price for his crop. The fertilisers should be made free and availability should be made feasible. No farmer really wishes for a peanut investment for his crop when the prices of agriculture essentials are skyrocketing! It is the need of the hour for India as a country to revamp the infrastructure in Agriculture sector as the population is increasing day by day and there should not be the scarcity of food for the next generations.

Bottom Line

The above-stated issues are just a teaser in introducing manifestos, as it is the time and mania of them doing the rounds in the public minds. There are problems in almost every sector which the central and state governments should take keen interest upon, then only there could be a sustainable growth and a better future for the generations to come!

It is the need of the hour for every voter to realise the value of their vote and franchise it not for money but for people who could make it a better place!

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