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Written by : Info Box Team
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The upcoming Telangana Polls have become a household topic everywhere these days...Thanks to the social media that's spreading maximum awareness about what is what in the Telangana polls. It is evident that the in power TRS (Telangana Rashtra Samithi) government has dissolved the assembly and set straight for early polls only to come in power the consecutive term! Leaving the opposition parties no clue to face them with mammoth confidence.

People's Front

All the opposition Parties (Congress being the big brother with the highest number of MLAs) have come along leaving their egos aside only to dethrone Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao. The People's Front comprises of Indian National Congress (INC), Telugu Desham Party (TDP), Communist Party Of India (CPI) and Telangana Jana Samithi (TJS). Professor Kodandaram is unanimously elected to lead the People's Front only to garner the attention of students and weaker sections and thus the front wanted to bank on the clean image of Professor!

People's Front

As the poll campaigns are just on the brink, Intellectuals still ponder their heads as to what extent did the People's Front used Kodandaram? And how far he was given his due credit in their media coverage?

Kodandaram The Crowd Puller

Kodandaram is, in fact, the man behind the humungous success of Million March and Sagara Haram in the erstwhile Telangana separate state movement and it was his mastermind that took the movement into the hands of students and a common man. It is a big time for Congress to give him due credit in their upcoming poll campaigns to maximise their strectch of support from students, intellectuals and urban voters. The phase of Congress campaign has by far reached good momentum with the recently concluded Khammam meet and roadshow in Sanath Nagar where Kodandaram gave a call to the voters to choose a government that fulfills the wishes of people and which values the system of democracy. The crowd cheered big for his speech!

KCR Monarchism!

Kodandaram being a soft-spoken leader can make it big in his speeches, such is his skill of motivation that yearns the common man and students to trust him once and for all! Of Course, it his mass image that threatened the throne of KCR, who arrested Kodandaram during his 'Farmer's Meet' in several constituencies of rural Telangana. It is this monarchism in KCR that didn't gel well with common man and intellectuals who opine that no CM in the united Andhra Pradesh ever dared to arrest professor during the Million March or Sagara haram or be it any programme in the fight for separate statehood!

Bottom Line

Let's wish the parties in People's Front give good time and support for Professor Kodandaram and make him emerge the real trump card for their and state's benefit!

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