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TS Polls: Aftermath Of Congress Leader Revanth Reddy Arrest

Written by : Info Box Team
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The Telangana State Police have arrested Congress Working President Revanth Reddy in the wee hours today. The arrest came after Revanth Reddy gave a Bandh call and planned for a huge demonstration of protests against the incompetency of the TRS government in his constituency ahead of the interim CM KCR's poll campaign meet at Kodangal.

Now that an ace leader from the Congress is arrested, discussions flourished everywhere and it has become an issue or talk of the town amid the poll campaigns. EeYuva tries to decode the aftermath of the arrest and who benefits from what in this dramatic episode..Read on.

Preventive Arrest Or Curbing The Democratic Rights?

It may be right on the government's front if the arrest of Revanth Reddy is purely cited as 'preventive arrest' but that's not true when seen in the way the arrest took place! The government is now entirely answerable to the family of Revanth Reddy on what basis the arrest took place and how a people's leader must have treated?

Political Analysts opine that the arrest at the peak hours of poll campaigning (last two days) is definitely a threat for the democratic rights of a poll contestant. It is definitely a bonus for the opponent to cash on the absence of his competitor and gets an edge over him!

Too Many Options For TS Govt Instead Of Personal Attack

The TS Police have already imposed Section 144 in the city where KCR's meet was set. They could have 'House Arrested' Revanth Reddy instead of taking to him to a place undisclosed even to his family shows how the government is so adamant in curbing the anti-government sloganeering forces which are not at all good sign in the system of democracy.

Is Revanth Reddy Arrest A Big Minus For TRS Government?

Undoubtedly! KCR government has only garnered a big negative impact with this inhumane act of arresting a poll contestant who only threatened with a bandh call but didn't resort to any kind of violence. The government could have taken the help of police force for a smooth functioning of interim CM's poll campaign meet, the arrest episode has only worsened the KCR and his 'Monarch' image.

Revanth Reddy And Rise Of Sympathy Factor

Every common man knows how Revanth Reddy fought against the government and its false functioning. By far the arrest episode has only fetched Revanth a sympathy factor and made sure a huge margin of the majority!

Bottom Line

The atrocities at poll campaigning peak hours do not go well with the public and they definitely give a befitting answer to the forces that threaten the system of democracy. Today's government is not permanent and when change is inevitable people show the power of their Vote.

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