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The 17-day suspense ended as all went well in the operation to save the 'Wild Boars' children team of 12 footballers along with their 25-year old coach who were stranded in the Tham Luang Cave. The celebrations in Thailand are sky-high now as the whole world looks up to this small nation for its untiring efforts in making impossible to possible by collaborating with the world nations that offered their services.

EeYuva presents you a brief summary of the most inspiring and risky operation that is no less than a spine-chilling suspense thriller!

The 'Wild Boars' Football team along with their coach had been stranded since June 23 in the Tham Luang cave. Due to heavy rains which turned into severe floods inundated the routes of the cave and the football team has survived only on a rocky portion of the cave.

Chiang Rai Provincial Governor Showing The Victory Sign After The Operation

The rescue operations have started ever since the news came into light. Chiang Rai provincial Governor Narongsak Osatanakorn took utmost interest and never lost his faith in saving the children. He sent the army to be with them on July 04 with some food and necessary medicines which led the process to go on smooth and at a fast pace. The Governor opined that the operation could be for days to months and no one knows when that could come to a halt. Seeing his intensity, the whole world joined hands in the rescue operation especially the Britain divers who helped the Thailand Navy Seals with their brave deeds. As plans to save the children came to a shape, the rescue operation began on July 08.

July 08- A group of 13 divers from different countries along with 5 Thai divers and 5 navy seals were sent into the cave in the morning who have saved four boys by the evening. The boys were immediately sent to the hospital.

July 09- This time the rescue operation went on with more personnel and four more children were successfully saved and were immediately sent to the hospital.

Divers and Navy Seals Bringing The Children Back

July 10- Seeing the favourable climatic conditions, the rescue team went on with high spirits to save the rest of the five who were still in the cave. By 5.20 pm in the evening, they too were saved and the rescue operations chief has declared that all the 13 stranded in the cave were brought back safe.

Special mention goes to Elon Musk who was detrimental in saving the children has made a small submarine with the help of his SpaceX team and sent his team to Thailand for whatever support they can offer. Elon Musk too went to Thailand and kept the whole world updated with his tweets!

Divers Showing The Winning Sign After The Successful Rescue Operation

The divers from different parts of the world still feel like it's a miracle as they were to swim about 9-10 hours with oxygen cylinders and have to hold the children who don't know swimming. They appreciated the bravity of the children for sustaining their lives in the dark for days!

The rescue operation led by the Thailand Government remains in the history and teaches the whole world that hope works against all the odds!

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