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Written by : Entertainment Team

Meet Mr Alom, the superstar from Bangladesh who is causing a big buzz on the web from recent months. If you think that facial aesthetic is the only way to turn into a celebrity, it would definitely be your misperception. This guy is the one who will change your idea completely.

Hero Alom has initially acted in Bangladesh music videos and received an enormous response from his country people. He has various musical videos to his credit and his YouTube subscriptions have crossed the 12K mark. The incident when Bangladesh Test cricket captain Mushfiqur Rahim himself recognised Alom and had a selfie with him showed the immense popularity of the man.

According to reports, the YouTube star also bagged a few endorsements which will be hitting the small screens soon. Though the 27-year-old celeb hasn't been blessed with great looks and charming personality, he successfully created his own trend and made people turn their heads towards him.

Not just this, after watching his videos, you can discover him very well with regards to the way he portrays heroism and romance with lovely young ladies, which is enough to make you feel jealous!

Let's have a glance on few of his videos that represents his skill-set and glamour.

Introduction scene



Romantic Scene



Action Episode




Celebrity Following (Cricketer Mushfiqur Rahim With Alom)



Alom once again proved the great quote, “There is no exquisite beauty...without some strangeness in the proportion".