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Reactions Of Distressed People In 2016

Written by : Entertainment Team

The resolutions for every new year are different for every individual, some people succeeded while others remain unsuccessful throughout the year. Hell, it doesn't mean that it's the end of life! There are two types of people, Some show frustration by scolding the year as they didn't achieve anything, while others just move on with a hope of acquiring success in the coming year. There is one more category - people in distress.

In this article, we are posting what would be the reaction of people who failed to achieve their dreams in this year. Here Are A Few Reactions Of These People.

The Failure Since Time Immemorial

If You Ask, What Was Their Achievement In 2016.

The Employees Who Struggled For Holidays Last Year

Ohh God! Make Sure At Least This Year, There Won't Be Any National Holidays On Sundays

The Hopeless One Who Doesn't Believe In Himself

The Desperate One

When You question, "Can You Settle At Least This Year?"

His Answer would be, "I don't have anything in my hand. Everything depends on.."

The Arrogant One Who Lost Everyone In 2016 & Has No Company To Enjoy The Occasion


Finally, Bye Bye 2016


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