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Written by : Entertainment Team

In this hurry-burry life, it is very hard to elapse a day without any interruptions. How would you feel when someone or something causes disturbance to your work by interrupting amid? You just feel like hitting them with a hammer, right! It is quite common for everyone to think so. Most times we desist ourselves, but sometimes we are helpless as there is no any other option except facing the circumstances.

Interruptions on the wrong time may leave you in serious consequences. They are completely associated with aggression and resentments. If everything falls well, you'll feel happy but unfortunately, if something goes wrong, instead of criticising your fate, you'll blame other things.

As we have just passed the Non-Interruption day, we would like to showcase a few common situations where we wouldn't like to get interrupted at any cost.

When You're Seriously Watching A Movie And Someone Keeps On Causing Disturbance

When You Are Going Out On An Important Work And Suddenly Get Confronted With Some Inauspicious Things (usually people believe that cat and sneezes are the main causes of interruptions and are bad omens)

The Moment Your System Reboots Itself When The Download Is At 99%

It's Already Late To Office And The Lift Get Stuck For A Long Time

The Most Awkward Moment When Someone Disturbs You While You're In Your Personal Moment. You Just Feel Like Killing Them On The Spot

 Not Only These, There Are Many Circumstances That Can Cause Big Interruptions.

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