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Written by : Entertainment Team

Before digging deep into work, it's time to clean off your desk right now. Why? Because every second Monday in the month of January is considered as “Clean Off Your Desk Day”. Though it sounds silly, the unique occasion was designed to make every employee initiate their New Year with a tidy and organised workplace.

With all those unwanted papers, emptied coffee cups, hanging earphones and unnecessary stuff, most of our cubicles in office seem cluttered. So, this is the right moment to clean our tables and drawers which might just consume a few minutes of time.

But, why should we do it? Well, one needs to maintain their desks clean because:

Whether you work hard or not, if your work cubicle is absolutely clean, you'll surely have an unseen edge over others

Rather than shabby desks filled with obsolete paper stuff, most colleagues would certainly prefer people with clean desk places to have a friendly chat (Watch out! They would be girls also)

You might gain a psychological feeling that you're the picture-perfect employee in the office by viewing at your own cubicle. It might also work like a confidence-booster

And finally, it's highly preferable to flag off the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan from our office table itself

"Clean Off Your Desk Today"

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