Two-wheeler Riding Tips

Written by : Syam

Use the kick-starter to start the engine every morning. Because, one kick boosts the battery power of four more self starts.

Turn-off the head light and indicators before you start the engine.

After the ignition, raise the accelerator for 2-3 seconds, that allows the engine to heat up and free flow of lubricants through the engine parts.

Apply both front and rear brakes gently that may help you to control your two-wheeler if you are at high-speed.

Turn-off the engine at traffic signals if you have 30 more seconds to move. This saves a little fuel.

Turn-off the fuel valve during nights and long waiting periods. This controls the overflow of oil.

Avoid the roads with traffic and always ride your motorcycle at top gear and at a constant speed to get a better fuel economy.

If you find any change in engine sound or a white smoke from the exhaust, approach the mechanic. Reasons could be the engine with no engine oil or engine is under repair.

Try to shift the gears smoothly and don't stay at one gear for more than 30 seconds.