Here are the Tips To Crack APPSC Group II Exam

Written by : srinivas

Hi, friends! the most awaited APPSC Group II notification has released. What to do now, except tighten belts for preparation? Yeah, standard and well-planned preparation is the key of success. Guys, I love to share some preparation tips with you today, take a look.

The exam is four months to go ahead, enough to prepare for your exams.

First thing is just to do partition your syllabus and subjects, according to your convenience.

Now you need to allot specific time to the subjects. Concentrate more on the subject which you are lacking confidence.

It's time for hard work; neither waste you precious time nor be over confident.

Focus more on scoring subjects, that enhances your winning chances.

Take mock tests regularly. Write at least 2 or 3 exams without fail. Nowadays many mock test kits are available in the market. Get benefit from those.

Don't try to cook your own study material now, it eats away your time.

Follow the academic books and state syllabus material from 8 to 12th standard.

Practice every question you come across in newspapers and websites.

Follow the newspapers daily and discuss with you friends. Sharing gives chance to get new points and dimensions.

Finally, Have a proteinous food and sound sleep to keep your health fit.
Have a great preparation.