Apple's Great News To Hearing Impaired

Written by : suman

For the hearing impairments, Tech giant Apple has come up with some enhancements in its iOS accessibility features.

Those features include enhanced Bluetooth-based AirPod-style streaming, Live Listen and Apple focused on conversations in loud environment for hearing impairments.

Apple's latest software expands support for direct streaming of phone calls, FaceTime conversations, movies and other audio to supported hearing aids, without the need for a middleman device known as a "streamer".

New iOS 10 hearing aid also features integrated device battery life and independent base, treble, right and left volume controls, and supports audiologist-designed presets for handling sound from concerts or restaurants.

In addition to supporting audio originating on the phone, the new Live Listen feature also allows users to relay focused audio picked up by the iPhone's mic, enabling clearer conversations when in a loud environment.