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Written by : Entertainment Team

Passwords are meant to protect our private data and they have to be confidential. But how many passwords can a man remember if he has to choose different passwords for different websites or applications? Some apps may accept simple letters such as your name and phone number but a few sites decline the accessibility without espousing the passcode with unusual characters like special symbols and upper cases. As a result of its complexity, sometimes we tend to forget our passwords and equally face troubles in recovering the forgotten security code.

Conceptualizing all such incidents, this standup comedian Gaurav Kapoor has made a hilarious story which relates to every individual using mobile or laptops out there.  He begins the show nudging Zomato as to question, "why would they need a password to get login"?. "Will there be any hacker with an ambition of stealing food?", amplified the laughter. Then goes on talking about briefcase passwords and mobile OTPs with his comical shrewdness. He concludes the show dragging the delivery boys for whom we have often been requested to rate or drop our reviews.

Here you go,

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