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Written by : Entertainment Team

What would you do when you get stuck somewhere on the road and do not have money to go home? Mostly, we call friends or at least seek for a lift from the commuter who is heading towards your destination, Am I right? But this guy has got no chill at all, as he doesn't have money to go home, he utilized the free emergency number 100 from his phone and called the police to drop him at his residence.

The respectable policemen acknowledged the situation and offered a lift for the gentleman. While the police questioning to know if he was drunk, he asserted that he hadn't inebriated but agreed to have a habit of smoking chillum without hesitation.

The Indian police must be appreciated for handling this kind of jerks in their service.

Having a conversation with the police, he also reminded them that it was a Govt. vehicle and it has to help the common man and he doesn't want to go by buscheeky

(Image Courtesy: Twitter)