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Written by : Entertainment Team

Dancing with graceful moves is not everyone's cup of tea, it needs a lot of dedication and practice. On top of all, the body must be flexible and supportive to pull off different moves. Only a few people are blessed with such traits and remaining just try to execute the best but cannot draw much attention on to them.

Here is a construction worker winning the internet since yesterday with his fantabulous dancing skills. He reminds Hrithik Roshan from "Main Aisa Kyu Hu" and the way he pulling off the steps with ease has been receiving bundh of acclamations online.

The unidentified man claimed to be from China and a few others claiming that the gentleman is from India working at Hyderabad metro construction. However, when you have immense talent, who cares your whereabouts! The man has given a sort of relief with his amazing dancing skills that's what it counts in the end. 

Watch It Here...

(Image Courtesy: Twitter)