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Written by : Entertainment Team

Wildlife is a place where we can witness different types of animals in one place. As per the recent survey, the count of tigers have been increased by 33% in India. Now in our nation, we have a total no of 2967 tigers across all the states.

Usually, we go to wildlife in safari rides where we can see animals without disturbing. Here a stand-up comedian from Dhai kilo comedy channel by Harish Tiwari came up with a topic of wildlife and myth. Where he delivers comedy out of myth, how our parents or we behave when we see insects or animals. And also he expressed how we make a conversation whenever we see animals in wildlife. The young lad also made a mind voice of animals by mimicry, how they feel when we point out them.

Along with this, he gave the message to the spectators, that not only increase the count of tigers but we should also allow them to move around by not deforesting the area.

(Image & Video Courtesy: YouTube)