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Watch: The Hilarious Video Depicts What Makes You An 'Indian'?

Written by : Entertainment Team

What makes you an Indian? Standing in long queues for hours to watch favourite star's movie, believing in superstitions when decided to go/do something, calculating the distance in time, using paint boxes as water buckets, what not! Setting apart all these funny factors, Indians are secular living among many castes and creeds with harmony. Isn't it? Well, this standup comedian named Aariz Saiyed has brought few more traits of Indians, he narrates it in the form of a poem using a guitar. He adds many LOL-worthy facets representing Indians but finally, ends up projecting positive shades to escape and save himself from the offence. However, the 5:44 minutes video has it all that makes you think how funny we are yet endowed with great skills in different fields.

Watch It And Get Smile Onto The Face

(Disclaimer: The video was created with the sole purpose of bringing a smile to listeners' face. So, do we...)

(Image Courtesy: YouTube)