PM Narendra Modi Biopic Poster Missing Similarities: Twitter Makes Fun...

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Written by : Entertainment Team

What kind of patriot are you, how can you prove to be a true patriot? Singing 'Vandemataram' in cinema halls, raising questions over governance and addressing the problems of citizens, extending helping hands for people when they fall prey for disasters. There are many ways to prove your patriotism. Here is a standup comedian who had a different approach on proving his patriotism; he asserts that he would like to produce many children to claim that he is generating man-power for the country. And, wishes to see six out them as cab drivers and four are software engineers (All of these are just for fun).

He also recalls the memories of the days when he left the job from TCS and what kinda people he met later. He narrates the story after becoming a standup comedian and how people were reacting for his advertisements on social media. He also invokes top Hollywood actors like Tom Cruise and Will Smith and claims that he never connected to them but he compares himself with Ajay Devgn with respect to one similarity that is common between them. Not just ended up with movie stars, he also dragged Twitter English teacher Shashi Tharoor in his narration.

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