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Written by : Entertainment Team

Chandrakant Hutgi, a cop from Rural police station of Karnataka's Hubli turned police lathi into flute marking it as a free-time hobby.

He said, "Making musical instruments and playing them has been my hobby for long. I turned the fibre lathi, given to me for policing, into a flute to play folk songs when free from work”.

Hutgi's masterful skill in playing the flute earned him desired acknowledgement from the state police division and a cash reward (inam) from Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) Bhaskar Rao in Bengaluru.

Making use of nearby available tools, Hutgi skillfully bored eight holes into the lathi, including one for blowing air, six for playing his fingers and another tiny outlet to blow out the air.

"Chandrakant Hutgi, a head constable from Hubli Rural police headquarters has changed over his fatal fibre lathi into a melodic instrument... we are pleased with him," tweeted Rao in the wake of account video of a people melody Hutgi played in his office.

Soon after Rao posted Hutgi's melodic skills on Twitter, the 52-year-old head constable has become famous online. The video was likewise circulated on Whatsapp by his partners.

"Since the video clip went viral, I have been getting calls from associates, companions and relatives and salutary greetings," smiled Hutgi.

The Video has been watched over 50 thousand times and earned 5 thousand likes with fifteen hundred retweets so far.

(Image Courtesy: Twitter)