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Written by : Entertainment Team

Dogs are known for loyalty and probably they're the most trustable creatures you can undoubtedly rely on even if you're out of home. They take care of your residence, belongings and what not! In a recent viral video, where a dog saving a little girl from falling into water bespeaks about their loyalty. The dog not just dragged her from the water body but also gets her playing ball from the river. The dog's quick-witted act has won the internet and netizens stating that people should learn a lesson from the dog. The heart-warming video has received 243K likes and 108K retweets with over 4.8 million views on Twitter. The dog is being showered with a prodigious amount of praises for its alertness and human-like attention.

Watch the adorable video that will truly tug at your heartstrings,

(Image Courtesy: Twitter)