CWC 2019: Memes On Pakistan Reckoning The Possibilities To Enter Semi-Finals Are Trending!

Chahal's Relaxing Pose On The Ground Going Viral With Hilarious Captions!

Watch: A Pakistani Fan Wailing Over His Favourite Team Not Being Qualified For Semis!

Written by : Entertainment Team

Pakistan has bagged a 94-run victory in their final world cup match against Bangladesh but failed to take spot in the semis chart due to the net run-rate deficiency. Before the commencement of the match, Pakistan team was confident that they could win the game with a huge margin and secure a place in semi-finals. But, the strongly emerging team Bangladesh restrained Pakistan from chasing their dreams. They have restricted Pakistan batsmen under 320 runs and scored over 220 leaving Pakistan despaired.

An ardent Pakistani fan named Wasim Khan seemed to be so excited when he was acquainted that their final match will be with Bangladesh and they could get into semi-finals without much effort. Though his dream of winning against the Bangla tigers has come true, he could digest the fact that Pakistan is not qualified for semi-finals, even after levelling points with New Zealand.

Perhaps, he might not aware of the run-rate consideration. When he got know the reason behind not being qualified, he solicits a point from India that is already secured a place in the semis. He also questioned why can't India donate us a point when we have offered their nation's love 'Abhinandan'?. The one and a half minute video has been viewed over 41 thousand times so far on Twitter.

Watch the hilarious and pitiful video of this Pakistani Fan,

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