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Veteran Actor Govinda Claims He Was Supposed To Be A Part Of James Cameron's Avatar: Twitter Left In Splits!

Written by : Entertainment Team

Actor Govinda has claimed that he was offered a part in James Cameron's 'Avatar', though he turned down the role citing unwillingness to apply paint on his body all through the 410 days of shooting. The actor further claimed that it was he who suggested the title 'Avatar' to the filmmaker.

"I gave the title 'Avatar' and told Cameron that the movie would be a blockbuster. I also told him that it would take him seven years to complete the film. That infuriated him", Govinda said in a popular talk show on a Hindi news channel.

"He wanted me to shoot for 410 days, and for someone like me, to get his body painted for so long was something that I could not do," he added.

The dubiousness of the claims had the netizens tweeting out hilarious memes.

One user tweeted the video clip of a 90s Bollywood movie that showed Govinda dressed as superman and wrote, "The real reason why #JamesCameron asked #Govinda for his movie "

One user photoshopped Govinda's face on the Avatar poster and wrote, "#Govinda is not lying guys. Open for official poster James Cameron had asked me to make."

Another user pointed out that the actors in the movie were used merely as references for the performance and that the avatar creatures were entirely computer-generated.

A few other hilarious memes are also rolling on since the statement made.







Govinda also claimed that he turned down a number of Bollywood blockbusters as well, including 'Devdas' and 'Taal'.

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