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Valentine's Day: Look At The Position Of Every Single On This Special Day..!

Written by : Entertainment Team

Valentine's day is all around the corner. Well, as it's a day for the committed duad, all the restaurants & parks out there are filled up with love-bees. Meanwhile, the couple is preparing for the evening hang-outs, singles got nothing except being jealous of them.

In fact, finding a perfect pair post-college is a difficult & toilsome procedure - it feels nervy as if you lost something and discomfort looking at the other couple.

On this special occasion, while the committed receiving enormous love upon and being ecstatic over each other, this is what the probable position of every single during a 'Valentine's Day'.

Playing Alone Without A Company!

May Have Enough Money But Of No Use!

Friends Are At Mockery As You Had A GF Last Year But Not Today!

Listening Or Watching The Love Songs Is The Most Irritating Thing!

And, Being Frustrated Looking At The Couple Goofing Around!

Dear Singles, No Need To Be Worried Or Disheartened. We Are Coming Up With A Special Article For You Tomorrow - Stay With Us And Assimilate How Blessed You Are Being Single.

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