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US Police Trolls A Offender Straight From His Facebook Account

Written by : Entertainment Team

Shawn Anderson Hagan, evidently the only man in the world who is not happy even after retrieving his lost mobile. He is a drug suspect escaped from being caught by the Berkeley County, South Carolina police but unfortunately, his phone was dropped from his pocket while attempting to flee. He successfully ran off the police for the moment but his beloved phone sent him behind the bars. Probably, his Facebook account was logged in when police captured the mobile. Without a delay, the Police posted a timeline status straight from his mobile requesting him to take his mobile back.

Later in another post, the authority shared a screenshot and requested people to convey their generosity to Shawn and advised not to leave any valuables before escaping.

Finally, the police apprehended the offender and updated a status saying that he would face the charges of initial fleeing and drug consumption. They posted it with a hilarious trending tag #DontBeLikeShawn.

(Image Courtesy: Facebook)