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Written by : Entertainment Team

Eid-Ul-Fitr, the festival of breaking fast has already been around the corners and is being celebrated all over with gaiety. While Muslim brothers and sisters are getting ready to offer prayers for their deity, the majority of children out there waiting for festival Eidi from elders, aren't they? Along with sheer kurma and deserts, the most enjoyable part for children on this day is collecting gifts and Eidi from relatives and elders.

However, a few generous uncles put three digit money in hand, while some miser uncles give a small amount that could not even be sufficient to buy a dahi vada. Well, a few lads accept with pure heart whatever the amount be given, but some kids never satisfied by the given Eidi and while a few others even feel embarrassed to ask the one.

If you conclude only children are excited about getting Eidi, you're absolutely mistaken! There are some people who feel bad being older as they cannot get Eidi from anyone.

Look at the hilarious Eidi memes on this auspicious day and make it memorable.












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