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Written by : Entertainment Team

Are you an MNC employee? Then surely you'll be connected to this article. Balancing personal and professional life equally is an uphill battle in these days for any MNC employee. People die for five days to enjoy just 2 days a week. The excitement for the weekend and anxious every weekday beginning are almost common for every employee.

Let's check out how would anyone feels in this 5-day of work-week.

Every Monday you'll go with a clean shave and hurry to reach as you don't want to be late on the early day after the joyful weekend

On Tuesday day, You'll move with little depression as you think the weekend is still long away, we just elapse this day collecting memories of the last weekend

On Wednesday, here the genuine work week gets started, the entire environment turn into robots

Thursday, you don't want to keep any works pending for Friday. Because Friday you want to be free of tensions

Friday, the final day of the work-week, the excitement of the day will be on top notch. You want to leave early for home

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