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Written by : Praveen

Finding replacements for some of the iconic characters of global cinema is next to impossible. Because, once we are habituated watching a character and completely immersed in it, we never imagine anyone else in that role. To fulfil such dreams, we just come up with editings of original videos or photographs and share it on our timelines for self-satisfaction.

But imagine if we truly got an opportunity to choose our regional actors for Marvel comics, who would you think can precisely step into the shoes of original Marvel characters? This Telugu facebook page "Comic Wala" has come up with some hilarious edits replacing Telugu stars with world's mightiest superheroes.

Let's find out which actor could fit the bill.

Ram Charan As Thor

Mahesh Babu As Dr Strange

Akhil As Spidy

Vijay Deverakonda As Star-Lord

Nani As Hawkeye

NTR As Thanos

Allu Arjun As T'Challa

Nagarjuna As Iron Man

Prabhas As Captain America

(Image courtesy: Twitter)