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Written by : Entertainment Team

There is no big pleasure than falling into sleep as soon as we jump on to the bed and rising up early in the morning with a refreshing feel. It also makes you be healthy and wise. Sometimes, though you try hard and felt like to sleep early, a few situations force you to be awake overnight.

On This “Stay Up All The Night Day” Let's Discuss What makes people stay up long hours in the night and why some even remain awake throughout the night!

1) Watching Your Favorite Programs One After Another

2) Hooking Up with Social Media!

3) Sometimes Digestion Problem Too Take A Toll On Your Health And Leave You Struggling Overnight!

4) While Listening To The Interesting Stories From Grandees (Esp; During Holidays)

5) Finally, When You Are At Friend's Wedding Baraat!

(Image/Gif Courtesy: Shutterstock and YouTube)