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'Hypertension Day': Traits Of The People With Hypertension!

Written by : Entertainment Team

Hypertension or high BP will be materialized when blood pressure intensifies to abnormal levels. But, what makes you befall this state? Yes, due to some stress filled or exasperating moments. You might have noticed a few people around you who are turning ferocious at instant for every frivolous issue. The diagnosed factor behind this instant anger is high BP or hypertension, it is also known as short temper.

People with the issues of resisting the anger will have a tendency to run into this high systolic BP which would reflect them having the higher propagating adrenalin owing to anxiety. Such people are very dangerous to get hang out with because we don't know how would they respond on some critical conversations and it's really difficult to reinstate them into a normal state.

On this “World Hypertension Day”, Let's see a few traits of people with hypertension.

They Get Anger on every trivial issue

They would love to have immoderate spice (This is the main reason why they get anger quickly)

They cannot sustain longer on any disgusting moments

Their body always appears to be in a volcanic state, no matter how cool weather it is

Their patience levels are too low, can lose control at any moment

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