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How Your Socks Pair Goes Missing Everytime? This Woman Chased The Mystery!

Written by : Entertainment Team

Did you ever face such problem and get frustrated about your socks went missing when you're about to leave home in a hurry? Most of the times, right! Because we pack bags, valuables and wearables very early before we leave the house but socks are the most underrated usable that we remind only at last moment when we step out for wearing shoe. The moment when you find the shoes in a rack without socks, you start yelling and get frustrating without tapping into your brain where that socks were actually placed last night at the residence. Sometimes we cannot figure out even after an intense search and end up leaving home wearing chappal instead of shoes.

We search every corner of our well-known house; terrace, balcony and everywhere but still wonder where they are hidden. Fret not! This woman has cleared the air how your socks probably are missing and where they're getting stuck at your house that you never assume. She posted a pic of socks getting overflowed from the hidden chamber of her washing, it's not just one pair, there were many socks are jam-packed underneath of spinner.

The post was hilarious and truth-hidden, the unverified account has more likes and comments than many verified handles.

Take A Look!

Shocked, Right?

Here Is How They Go Hidden!

Wait, What? Is This Where All My Lost Socks Are Hidden?

So, hereafter before searching all over the home and getting panicked, open the hidden compartment of the washing machine first!

(Image courtesy: Twitter)