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'Gully Boy' Trailer Invited Hilarious Memes From Its Catchy Liners!

Written by : Entertainment Team

When two versatile and energetic actors collaborated for the first time, it sets afire on the screen. That's what happened with Gully Boy trailer that features two Bollywood powerhouses Ranveer and Alia. While Ranveer Singh perfectly steps into the shoes of rapper, Alia Bhatt treats you with the catchy dialogues that will surely make you stick to the seats. The duo has already been basking in the success of their previous superhits Raazi and Simmbaa, now this trailer with Gully transition has created a huge buzz among the movie lovers. The movie is touted to be a journey of an underground rapper who faces all the odds to become famous. The rapper boys from Mumbai streets with the foot-tapping beats preparing vigorously to entertain you from Feb 14.

However, as soon as the trailer hit the video-streaming channel, memers activated their witty brains and giving a humorous touch to the trailer, especially using the catchy liners.











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