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Written by : Entertainment Team

No one exists in the world without possessing any friends or wellwishers in their lives. Many friends come and go through your life, some friendships may be shortlived and others stay all along the way until your demise. And, every one of them leaves different experiences, be it constructive or deceitful.

Here are various types of friends we will have encountered right from childhood to till date.. :

The Funny Jerks

These are very common breeds in every batch, who makes someone Bakara and make fun of them. They will be identified as unique personalities and never be forgotten throughout life.

The Lazy Bug

Every gang will have one lazy buffalo, if you request him/her to come by 11 a.m they consider it as 1+1=2 p.m and they arrive at the spot with 3 hours delay. Their most common word is “I'm on the way”, though they are still on the bed.

The Aggressive One

Here comes the guy, who is too excited getting into brawls. When he hears any of his friends beaten up by someone else, he gets ready to assault them like a fresh farrowed sow and feels himself like a don of the group.

The Miser

Who can starve all the day without having a single glass of water but never take out a single penny from the pocket. Wherever you accompany them, be it is movies, tour or any party, they bring the exact amount that is required for their necessity.

The Foul-Mouthed

Here are the typical guys, whose mind and mouth are filled with filthy words. They keep on using abuses, no matter the situation is associated with fun or serious.

The Athletic One

Who eats like an African bull, yet looks like a skeleton of “Vikram Betal”.

The Loverboy

One who is a mutual friend in all girls' Facebook accounts.

(Image/Gif Courtesy: YouTube)