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Festival Of Sleep: Check Out A Few Sleepy Quotes On The Special Day...

Written by : Entertainment Team

Sleep is one of the best things in life which lands you in the inland of heaven where worries, tensions and anxieties are not allowed. We have many special days in the calendar year, then why can't we have the one which is helping you to be healthy and free of all anxieties? So does, here is the 'Festival Of Sleep Day' falls on every January 3, introduced by some unknown and noble person who was as lazy as us.

The day falls exactly 2 days after a New Year, probably the founder was tired up in such a way that he couldn't wake for next few days after being hung out in the New Year bash. Thereon, it has been dedicated to all the heavy-eyed folks who needed another day of relaxation to get out of a New Year hangover.

Well, on this special day, we have cumulated a few funny quotes on sleep... Have a look!

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