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CWC 2019: Memes On Pakistan Reckoning The Possibilities To Enter Semi-Finals Are Trending!

Written by : Entertainment Team

Yes, you heard it right! Pakistan still has a chance to enter semi-finals if it displays some miraculous performance in the final match against Bangladesh that is yet-to-be started. However, it is an uphill battle for Pakistan but not impossible. If the team gets remarkable net run-rate in the game, it would safely land into the semis pushing New Zealand to the 5th spot.

Pakistan skipper Sarfaraz gas also expressed the possibility in a media interaction asserting that they would definitely try to score up to 500 runs in the match. Yes, it might sound weird! But that is the only probability Pakistan has left with in order to reach the semi-finals.

Meanwhile, the Pakistan team is busy devising a strategy to tackle the game with a huge margin. Twitterites on another side, spreading hilarious memes on Pakistan's highly impossible calculations.














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