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Written by : Entertainment Team

Death hoaxes of celebrities have become common rumours after wide-spread of social media that is playing a key part in spreading fake news despite knowing the facts. People on internet making this nonsense with the lame hope to earn more likes and followers but do not realize, how this is gonna affect their fandom. Last year in June, SRK's death hoax had stirred the country, adding to that, the most active twitter celebrity didn't post anything on social media for 2-3 days after the news was out. Fans of SRK were relentlessly sending mails and tweets to their idol to respond. However, the issue was brought to the SRK's notice and he posted with a funny note saying he was survived the week in spite of the plane crash. 

Now, the poor Kiwis cricketer, Nathan McCullum has become the victim of this death hoax. One of the NZ cricket fan clubs posted the fake news story yesterday that shocked the cricket fans. However, the all-rounder refuted the news by sharing his pic with friends.

Evidently, the wikipedia page of the cricketer was also updated with the death news but is now corrected.

The fake rumour even broke the heart of his brother BrendMcCullum. The dashing opener promised to find the social media malefactor.

His mate, Jimmy Neesham also makes fun of it!

(Image Courtesy: Twitter)