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Childhood Vs Adulthood: Thought Process And Lifestyle Of People In Accordance With Change In Age!

Written by : Praveen

Life really looks like a game. When we enter adult age (18+), we could just remember where we born and what we have done but we cannot anticipate where we settle, how we travel all along the way and where we'll end our lives. But every life has to pass all these stages in the race between birth and death no matter whether it would be a successful or unsuccessful and everyone has to mix their soul into the natural stream of life.

As we pass the days, not only our physical appearance but also our neural system that transmit senses will get changed. Here, we have illustrated the change of thought process of people and their lifestyle during childhood and after entering adulthood.

Let's have a look at Childhood (Then) Vs Adulthood (Now)







Especially while playing,

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