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Check Out Hilarious Diwali 2018 Memes That Crack Down Your Ribs

Written by : Entertainment Team

The Diwali festive mood is all around the corners. How have been your preparations for this evening? Hopefully, everyone is getting ready with the crackers to lighten the country in the night! Wait, what! In the night? Yes, not like previous Diwalis, this time we all have set of restrictions from Supreme Court - need to burst only low-emitting firecrackers, any hazardous and high decibel crackers have to be avoided and all the fireworks have to be done only between night 8 pm to 10 pm stretch. In a view of environmental protection, the SC has taken this decision.

However, people have mixed opinions on the decision, some people have appreciated the SC order and a few are disappointed as they find only one day in a year to celebrate with the crackers and that too with certain caveats.

Well, don't get disappointed, we have brought some hilarious memes on the occasion for you. Look and bring a smile on to the face.










Regarding The SC Order...






Finally, Happy Diwali Folks! Stay Safe!!