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Written by : Entertainment Team

If you're a metro living guy, then you must have already known the difference between Cab and Share Auto. Though cab journey is expensive, it has its comforts whereas share auto is available at low fare but mostly congested one. But, at the end of a day, the destination is the same for every commuter - just the journey comfort will vary according to their affordability.

The auto journey surely gives you some unforgettable memories, be it joyful or embarrassing, but a cab will be a predictable journey with routine experience.

Let's analyse what are the differences between Cab and Auto that most of you witness in your cities... Have a look!

1) In Cab, You'll Have An Option Of Playing Your Own Songs Through Aux, Where As Auto Already Loud Speaker On High Volume

2) Cab Will Follow The GPS To Reach Your Destination But Auto Will Find Shortcuts That You Haven't Ever Been Through

3) You Will See Only A God Idol Placed Beside The Steering, But Auto Will Have Filled With Actor or Actress' Posters Inside And Outside

4) Car Consumes Additional Fuel For Experiencing AC, But Auto Will Have Free AC From All The Sides

5) You Can Pay Through Online For A Cab, But You Must Carry Exact Change For A Auto Journey