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There is no doubt that May-June month is associated with excitement and anxiety for students as it yields the result for their one-year hard work. There are many nerds who expect to be on top every time, a few average students feel that just first class would be fine for them and dumb backbencher prays for just pass marks. The results day is definitely apprehensive because every student falls in a state nervosity. But, at any cost, all these anticipations (dreadful or fruitful) have to be concluded one day.

Yes, the day has arrived! The long wait for CBSE results is over. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on Thursday declared the result of Class 12 board examinations.

As students were on an anxious roller coaster about the results, Twitter warned all the students to be alert as relatives are expected to arrive home soon or later.

Here are a few hilarious memes concerned to relatives on exam results day.

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