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Written by : Entertainment Team

We often face different individuals with distinct characteristics. Just like we spend most of our time at the office with people who are blended with a different mindset. No matter how they behave you will have to adjust with them.

Here are different people with different characters at most of the workplaces:

The Workaholics

Some people consider the office as their second home and spend most of the time in there. They continue to glue up to the seats attending emails and calls even after their working hours.

The Grinder-mouthed

There will be an employee in every office who cannot stop his mouth from eating, he is also known as 'The Desk Eater'. They are the favourite of all the persons because they get different snacks every day, can be shared with everyone.

The Secret couple

These are special traits in office who always behave like enemies before the rest of the colleagues. But in a private place, become love birds. They secretly admire each other during the office hours without getting caught by other sights

The Angry Bird

Never mess with this person because his blood always is in a boiling state. If you get under his skin, he will burst out instantly irrespective of the situation.

The Hyperactive

These are the people probably born with a superiority complex and try to prove something by involving in unnecessary discussions. You can find them in every workplace.

Lazy Bug

Here is a guy who is often ignored by any team to join in because he always tries to skip his work and put the burden on other teammates. Even if somebody tries to assign any work, he will come up with lame excuses.

The Latecomer

Who doesn't even know what the time is? He/she always comes up with different reasons and makes the whole team fall into trouble in submitting the work.