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Written by : Entertainment Team

There are many sources to hang-out, but playing cards is one of the most time being games at local as well as professional parties. It's an ancient game played on a low scale betting for amusement (or) passing the time, but over addiction may tend to lose everything in life. The game was first introduced in China and gradually extended to every corner of the world. Today, in India, it has become a more popular game, even online.

Today, we just want to showcase a few common types of card players we often witness in clubs or at any random hangouts.

Here We Go...

The Rapid Shuffler: Who Lands You In Confusion

The Over-Confident: Who Assumes Himself As If He Was Born With A Winning Hand

The Enthusiastic: Who Always Seeks For A Partner To Play, Irrespective Of The Situation

The Spy: Who Peeps Into Other Cards All The Time

Excited One: Who Comes Up With Full Of Confidence Every Party

The Magician Who Picks Out Your Chosen Card Without Looking At It

Finally, The Addicts How They Begin The Day With...

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