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Written by : Entertainment Team

Software employees are deemed to be the busiest bees and highest trouble bearers in the world. Most part of their lives will be elapsed in front of the computer and will pay the least attention to the outside happenings, Isn't it true? Of course, only a software engineer can understand it -  right from creating SDLC to submitting the final report, they're bound and determined to reach the ultimate goal.

Well, here are a few gifs depict the hurdles of every software engineer in his/her field, despite the platform they're working on.

Here you go,

1) When you try to edit one line of code, it'll take its a toll on the entire program

2) If you're a new joiner and try to continue the program that was left by the previous employee

3) Shortcuts may not work favour all the time

4) You'll be toiled even after going home! 

5) Teamlead demands a daily report and never satisfies with the work

6) Your deadlines run faster than your work

But the special trait of majority software employees is mapping out a strategy to open new software business after acquiring a thorough knowledge and experience on the software development

All these problems are inevitable for any software employee. But once you get habituated, you would bear it with pleasure, no matter how a bigger the task or problem is.

(Image/Gif Courtesy: YouTube)