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5 Common Ordeals Short People Often Go Through!

Written by : Entertainment Team

Being short is not a bane, sometimes it feels like we are blessed to be short. Wondered how? Here are some examples: Being short, we can win hide & seek competently as it becomes difficult for the pursuer to discover your whereabouts; We can walk through the shadow of a tall guy when the sun is scorching, and we can simply slip through any mass congregations. Cool, isn't it? Hello shorts, don't be so elated! Although there are many advantages, equally awkward situations you may have to face being vertically challenged.

Here you go,

You Need A Helper Even For Fixing A Bulb

Tall People Often Tease You Relating Everything To Your Height

It Will Be Tough To Reach Out The Things Located Atop

Public Concerts Become A Concern, You Need A Tall Friend To Lift Up

Finally, You Can't Even Kick A Bike Properly As You Cannot Control Both Your Legs At A Time

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