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Written by : Entertainment Team

How would you feel when someone or something causes a disturbance when you're engaged in an important work? It raises an instant BP and you just feel like to break their head with a hammer, isn't it? Most times we try to avoid surroundings and focus on our work but sometimes we are helpless as there is no other option except facing the circumstances. In fact, it is very hard to elapse a day without any interruptions.

Interruptions on the wrong time may land you in serious consequences because most of them are associated with aggression and resentment of the receiver. In this article, we would like to showcase a few common interruptions that irritate anyone and most of us have come across with these disturbances at least once.

When You're Seriously Watching A Movie And Someone Keeps Checking Into Their Mobile

When You Are Going Out On An Important Work And Suddenly When You Hear A Sneeze Or Come Across With Something Inauspicious

The Moment When Your System Reboots Itself When The Download Is At 99%

It's Already Late To Office And The Lift Get Stuck For A Long While

Finally, The Most Awkward Moment Is Getting Butt In By Unwanted Door Knocks Or Unexpected Entries When You've Been On A Personal Work. In Such Case, You Just Really Feel Like Killing Them On The Spot!

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