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16 Bollywood Avengers Who Can Replace The Original Marvel Characters!

Written by : Entertainment Team

A year-long await of Marvel fans has come out worth with rave reviews the movie “Avengers: Endgame” is receiving. The hugely anticipated final episode of Avengers franchise has hit screens today across the globe and witnessing heavy booking in all Indian states as well. Yes, you heard it right! Not just the English version, many regional dubbed version shows have been sold out for the entire weekend. It is evident that how much craze Marvel has garnered in India.

We Indians, thoroughly enjoy watching such superhero action movies but unfortunately, we don't have many superhero movies barring a few - Krishh, Flying Jatt, Ra One and Robo. Ruminating over, we made an attempt to demonstrate who will be the best match from Bollywood for Marvel characters.

Here You Go,

1) Hrithik As Captain America: Blends Apt In Looks And Stunts

2) Shah Rukh Khan As Iron Man: Smart And Excellent Sense of Humour

3) Arjun Rampal As Dr Strange: Height, Physique And Body Language. Suits The Best In every Frame!

4) Tiger Shroff As Loki: Need Any Caption?

5) Ranveer Singh As Star-Lord: Mischievious, Quick-witted And Flirtatious

6) John Abraham As Thor: Strongest And Persistent

7) Anushka As Wanda Maximoff: Beauty With Brain

8) Alia As Mantis: Cute, Innocent Yet Intelligent

9) Amy Jackson As Nebula: Strong And Determined

10) Vivek As Hawkeye: Though They Don't Appear As Frequently As Other Superheroes, Still Thier Place Is Intact In Audience Hearts

11) Priyanka Chopra As Black Widow: Endowed With An Ability To Handle Situations

12) Varun Dhawan As Scott Lang: Suits Perfect In every Aspect But He Needs A Clean Shave!

13) Imran As Spider-Man: Might Be Older For The Role Of Spidy, But We Cannot Find Any Other Replacement For Young Peter Parker Except Imran!

14) Bipasha As Gamora: Iconic, Responsible And Kind

15) Dutt Bhai As Drax: Looks Aggressive But Cool Personality

16) Sallu Bhai As Thanos: Talks Less And Works More, Who Can Handle Entire Bollywood Alone!

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